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A Venture Fundraising Campaign


We are thrilled to peak your interest in the F2F Fundraising Campaign for tech acceleration and Incubating Startup Ventures. At F2F we offer you the opportunity to join an elite group of investors and advisors who work together to ensure effective allocation of investment for maximum return on investment

About Our Fundraising Campaign

We are launching a $15million accelerator and Startup venture fund in Saudi Arabia to finance and develop global disruptive tech startups that are committed to operating in Saudi Arabia and to contributing to its local economy by leveraging entrepreneurial track record of local and global investments, and developing a network of fouunders and networks worldwide.

Our aim is to propel innovative thinkers working on tech projects in to sustainable growth. We work with Entrepreneurs who prioritize making tech innovations that are focused on improving the quality of life for users across the globe and who are keen on leaving a positive footprint. We serve them by supporting them in areas where they lack in terms of growth, guidance or funds.

 Disruptive Technologies we collaborate with:

  • Robots and Drones

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Augmented/Virtual Reality

  • Blockchain Technology

  • Web3 Technologies

  • Cyber Security

  • Fintech

  • Health Tech

  • EdTech

What we do?

We officially establish investment stakes for the development of incubators and accelerators. In addition, Founders2Founders is registered with The Saudi Ministry of Commerce. We are focused on building startup ventures of the future; therefore we aim to invest in the creation of tech based companies with innovative ideas, and high growth potential both globally and in the Saudi market over a period of 10 years with a funding of $15 million. This amount is subject to an annual administrative fee of 2.5%, in addition to 20% of profits in the period of post investment recovery. The results of the expected investment returns for the fund's capital range from approximately 3 times to 8 times the fund's capital. Important note: The percentages for the profitability returns for investors are determined after the completion of the fund's capital. Dividends are distributed after the end of the ten-year period for investment in the fund. And the possibility of distributing profits upon any acquisition, merger or exit deal for any startup that is incubated and invested in by the Fund.

Why Founders2Founders?

F2F understands that modern problems require modern solutions. We believe in the development of tech ventures that have the potential to change the world for the better, hence F2F was founded by Turki Ahmed ( to work on reducing the gap by supporting entrepreneurs and bringing them forward in the global arena with leading one of our incubated startup to successful exit and acquisition within 8 months.

We have a vast global network spread across major international companies and prestigious universities, thus, we have access to various investment portals and the opportunity to connect entrepreneurs with advisors, researchers and mentors in the industry and from globally renowned institutions.

Founders2Founders is proud to stand out in the Saudi market as one of the few organizations with expert and consultants who come from global VC programs in the Silicon Valley in the US and from other parts of the world too. We never stop looking for new possibilities, hence we are also working towards qualitative investments in sectors with rapid growth and the potential of substantial return on investment as is evident from international studies and future predictions for high risk investments.

How To Invest in F2F Projects?

We allocate a total of 750 shares with a minimum of one share (75000 SAR for each share as a ticket size) and maximum of ten shares for each investor. All signed agreements are written in the Arabic language and are approved as an official share in the Saudi Company after reaching an agreement and signing the documents. To proceed with your investment plans with F2F you click below to fill out the investors form. If you have any inquiries, you can reach out to us via email or schedule a meeting to discuss your proposal in person.

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